Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT allows everyday "things" to sense events, measure them, communicate the data produced and actuate on the interpreted information. "Things" will connect through networks and communicate to other things, for the benefit of operators, decision makers and users.

How does it work?

An IoT platform will continuously capture more and better data, and information will be computed and trained to increase knowledge for further enhancements. Leapsight helps design and implement a new process leveraging IoT solutions to connect your assets, equipment or vehicles in order to improve the current business model and your knowledge.

IoT improves accuracy of observations and allows real time actuation remotely to solve an issue or increase value.

Who is it for?

  • Fleet and Logistics Management

  • Vehicle telematics Improvement

  • Consumer products and Engagement

  • Healthcare telematics, teleconsultation and clinical decision making

  • Connected Products

How can we help you?

Share our IoT developments and use cases
Understand, Design and Visualize your IoT options
Assess the cost-benefit balance of an IoT platform
Implement IoT solutions
Communicate features and benefits to stakeholders

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